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Okatie & Sun City Urgent Care

Convenient, Comprehensive Orthopedic Care in a Compassionate, Patient-Focused Environment

We are proud to open our second clinic for patients in the Okatie and Sun City areas.

Our new Okatie Riverwalk Orthopedic Urgent Care clinic is able to quickly treat many acute conditions including fractures, sudden neck or back pain, carpal tunnel or tennis elbow pain, minor dislocations, sprains and strains, and other sports injuries.  We have staff and equipment to provide X-rays, wound care, stitches and casts.

Individuals Are Seen Immediately For Injuries
Because we specialize in orthopedic emergencies, we eliminate long emergency room waits and high costs to you.  Typically sprains, strains, broken bones and knee or shoulder injuries aren’t a priority in a hospital emergency room.  Patients can be left waiting in pain for hours as doctors take care of more urgent emergencies. At Okatie Riverwalk Orthopedic Urgent Care we make you a priority.

Patient Focused
Okatie Riverwalk Orthopedic Urgent Care is committed to providing comprehensive orthopedic care in a convenient and compassionate environment. We are dedicated to treating you with respect for your time and pain.

Insurance Accepted
Visits to Okatie Riverwalk Urgent Care are generally covered by most insurance carriers and the co-payment is less than the emergency room.

Okatie Riverwalk Orthopedic Urgent Care

149 Riverwalk Blvd. Suite 4 (Hwy. 170),
Riverwalk Business Park,
Okatie, SC 2990


Office Hours:

Mon – Fri: 9:00am – 4:00pm