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Moss Creek Orthopedic Urgent Care in Hilton Head is your all inclusive partnership of medical health care for the areas orthopaedic, sports medicine and spine related injuries. WQIncluding Scrapes, Sprains, Shots Or Stitches. Moss Creek Orthopedic Urgent Care has the areas best orthopaedic doctors in a facility centrally located for Moss Creek, Bluffton and Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. You deserve the best in expertise, service, and personal care. Come see us at Moss Creek Orthopedic Urgent Care at 15 Moss Creek Village, Hilton Head Island, SC 29925.

We offer expertise in many orthopaedic disciplines.
Joint Replacement

MRI Imaging

MRI Machine

MRI is the acronym for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It is a procedure used to scan patients to determine the severity of certain injuries. The MRI machine uses magnetic field and radio waves to create very detailed images of the body.

As in the picture our MRI machine looks like a long tube. The circular area is what houses the large magnet. To begin the patient is laid down on the table then the technician slides a coil to the specific area targeted for imaging. The coil is receives the signal magnetic resonance signal as input into the machine. The final product is a 3D image representation of the area that was scanned. Even better, there is no ionizing radiation involved with an MRI.

The procedure is noninvasive so it is painless. A loud tapping noise will be heard as the electromagnets are turned on and off throughout the scan. In some cases the patient my have earplugs in order to lessen the noise.

Joint Replacement

Medical Supplies

Ankle Surgery

For the convenience of our patients we stock some of the most common orthopaedic medical supplies.

Some of the items we regularly stock are:

  •      Wrist and Hand Braces
  •      Lumbar Supports
  •      Knee Ligament and Patella Femoral Bracing
  •      Ankle Braces
  •      Crutches/Walkers/Canes
Joint Replacement

X-ray Onsite

Sports Injury


Moss Creek Orthopedic Urgent Care has X-ray capability right onsite. This allows us to quickly perform better diagnosis of bone related injuries without losing time and elevating patient costs by referring our patients to the emergency room.

Come see why we are Hilton Head and Bluffton's premier sports and occupational injury and sports medicine center.








Moss Creek Orthopedic Urgent Care located in Hilton Head and Bluffton South Carolina provides care for many types of spine and orthopaedic conditions including knee, elbow, shoulder, injuries of muscle, bone, joint or associated structures as well as sports related injuries. We are specialists in sport and work related injuries to minimize recovery and maximize results.

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